Links Will Still Be Important Factor Of Google Algorithm in Coming Years Matt Cutts

Good News for SEOs Links will not die soon – Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts Distinguished engineers at Google in its latest video confirm that Google will not devaluate the links anytime soon. Links will still remain an factor for ranking in Google algorithm for next many years.

Links Still Have Many Years Left In Them

Links Still Have Life For SEO

“I think backlinks still have many, many years left in them, – So I think, over time, back links will become a little less important,”

Google is finding the way how to rely less on back links. In coming years Google may find other factors for ranking and then value of backlinks will be less.

Google cannot evaluate the content properly unless that particular article has got back links. Google can rank specific articles only it comes to know that it is written by niche expert author. Therefore author experts ranking will play an important role in future. Google authorship is the way to access the reputation of author. Google has got an Google Plus platform to assign author ranking keeping in view there people in circle and page views.

One thing is confirm that SEO will survive for few more years because of links. SEO is still not dead

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