PostJoint Guest Blog Network Confirms Google Manual Penalty

Matt Cutts giving warning from time to time for guest blog post for SEO or paid blogging by link builders and spam SEO companies. AT Last Google start taking action against blog networks and first penalized Myblogguest last month. Yesterday Matt Cutt confirmed penalty against another guest blog posting network PostJoint.

Google's Matt Cutts confirmed via Twitter that action was taken against PostJoint.

Matt Cutts Confirm Action Against PostJoint

This is one that claimed that it had “Zero Footprint” – but it looks like they got stomped. They no longer rank for their brand name. Expect this to keep happening. Google is going to take them down one by one. +Eric Enge

PostJoint is no more ranking for its name keyword and this is what proves that the site is penalized by Google. The confirmation statements says

Actually we’ve never done any link building to our site, so this is a manual action as Google has no other way of targeting us.

After MYblogguest penalty PostJoint in continuous advocating in favour of guest blogging and they have issued a statement explaining that there blog network is different from the MYblogguest. PostJoint claimed on their site that they process more than 3000 guest blog posts and they help the bloggers in earning $400000 per month.

Matt Cutts various warnings videos and blog post against guest blogging and now latest penalty against guest blog post networks confirms that Google is not at all favour this link building methods.