Moz Favouring Manual Link Auditing Process

Today Moz has released a comprehensive guide to link audit for effective link removals. As per document link audit is subjective matter and relied upon your own judgment. We cannot blindly rely on automation for ascertaining the quality of backlinks. Links are still a important ranking factors and back link profile audit must be conducted by an experts link auditors. We cannot reply on third party software or online tools.

Link audit guide

Manual Link Audit

Third party automation, software or tools can be used for data collection, crawling and metric gathering. We conclude

  • Link Audit should be manual process.
  • Link Auditor should be conducted by experts.
  • Link Audit should not be fully based on automation.
  • Automation can be used for data collection, crawling and metric gathering.

Above all links are still a very important ranking factor. In My opinion manual link removal services company and manual links auditor should be the first choice.


  1. Bhupender Pal says

    Exactly right. Most of the people prefer third party software and online tools in order to save time rather than do manual audit check. I believe it may or may not time consuming but have a great assurity of audit check accuracy.
    Anyway, thanks for this information.

  2. Jess says

    Yes if site owner want to keep their site free from bad linking then choose manual link auditing process. You can use software for consolidation of links data and metric only but manual link audit process is the right way to get proper audit done.

  3. Joni says

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. It does make sense that how can software know which link is right and which is not. Only a human checking can make sure that each link is checked with the website in question with proper attributes.

  4. Garima Sharma says

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.Such a Link Audit is manual process.But i have some issue regarding this process can any one tell me that Which common misconceptions you should to avoid when judging the impact of back links.

  5. Harish says

    I have never read any topic regarding link audit before. After reading this post collected knowledge about link auditing process and how we can remove the bad link from the site with the help of third party software and online tools. Thank you so much for sharing us useful information.

  6. Sapna says

    Yes, very true. One should prefer manual link auditing process instead of blindly relying on automation so as to avoid risks of being penalized from Google.

  7. Ritu Singh says

    Good post,tools can’t always tell you which links are within or out Google Quality Guidelines
    Its time for quality and only quality which means get more human in your SEO as google is getting there.

  8. Madhu says

    Expert link auditors can only assuring the quality of backlinks. Online tools or softwares can be used for data gathering and other matrices. But if site owners need actual bifurcation of quality links and bad links, they must adopt the manual link audit process.

  9. vijay says

    It is absolutely true every software has some flaws. If the softwares are perfect then why their updated versions are made and launched. If a software suits one organisation, it may not fulfill the needs of the other. Thus it is better to check or audit the links manually.
    Thanks for the updation

  10. Harold Miles says

    Yes that is certainly true. Link auditing should be done manually. Quality of the process of link removal should not be compromised for the time it consumes.

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